Saturday, January 17, 2009

too much drama

I can only write about a paragraph now and it can take me a ridiculous amount of time. TIME is one thing I've become keenly arrow of. I don't think about in a maudlin, morbid, or self-pitying way -- I know that is a miracle that I am still breathing.  But I am irritated by the amount of time it take me to do things.  Some things don't change.

The day my brain did THE BIG HICCUP, I became much more aware drama-- or, more specifically what I was going to do now that my ass was on the floor in my bedroom upstairs, I was now unable to speak, oh yes, and my right side was now paralyzed. I knew that I was going to something dramatic to get help. But, first I had to take a nap. Yes, I needed a nap. 

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