Saturday, January 17, 2009


Tired. I felt tired. So, I napped while my dogs, Emma and Lola licked my face.  Maybe if I rested a bit I could get "my girls" some food and water. They looked scared. But, maybe they were just mad at me... I was used to that. They were Yorkshire Terrier after all.  They unlikely to rescue me like Lassie rescued Timmy when he fell into "well.''  No. My girls we spoiled rotten. That gave me a certain amount peace. At least I didn't expect them to get out this mess. So I napped. 
I'm not certain how long I lay in a sort dreamworld but I noticed that when I slept I could not dream at all. When I was awake everything seemed like a dream. It occurred to me how odd that was. I was at peace, but I was conscious just how dangerous that peace was. It was as if my body was fighting this overwhelming urge to surrender to that peaceful place. I was worried about that dreaming-thing. I knew that wasn't "normal." Then again, what did I know about "normal?"

So I waited. The sun came up and streamed in through my stained glass windows and went down again. My phone was ringing. Ringing. But I couldn't reach it. And, I couldn't speak. Then the sun came up again. And went down again.  My body felt detached and stiff.  I simply had to move.  Tomorrow. 

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  1. Dear Jean,

    Please don't stop writing your story now. It is so incredibly intriguing. Even though I thought I knew the "whole story" from your Mother, now I am beginning to learn "the rest of the story..." It seems to me this could be published just the way you are writing it. Do you know any publishers through your college contacts. You are amazing. God bless. Pat Kaliban