Thursday, January 15, 2009

more insights

Okay, now that I have my own attention I better explain a cerebral venous attack, or hemorrhage in my head, or bleed, or stroke feels like.  I had no headache, no sudden warning signs, just a gradual feeling that something wasn't right.  First my arm got weak, and then my hand failed to grip the phone that I was trying to use.  But that was okay since I had lost the ability to speak.  Oh, I KNEW WHAT I WOULD SAY if I could speak, "oh fuck," comes to mind. I don't mean to make light of losing my ability to speak -- it would have come in handy -- but I was much more concerned with what was happening to my body.  While I walked from my bedroom to my office and back again, I felt my leg getting weak and before long it wouldn't support me at all.  So I did what anyone in similar  situation would do -- I fell down. Gravity got the best of me.  This was a hell situation. 

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