Monday, May 11, 2009

my friend Michael

My friend Michael came yesterday for a visit. It is always good to see him. Although it's not quite the same as it was. We were "in love" at one time. It was before before my stroke and after my divorce. Funny how time seems to be all about before and after. 

He and I coined the phrase "right brain cafe" to explain my penchant for living in a creative world, largely of my own making. He is an analytic kind of guy. He would visit the right brain cafe from time to time. But, he was more amused than comfortable there.

He broke things off a couple of years ago, and I poured myself into my work.  I worked and I worked and I worked. The pressure I felt was ridiculous and abusive but I didn't feel like I had an alternative. So, my head imploded. Not a good very solution. 

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