Thursday, April 9, 2009

my doctors

One of the advantages of meeting the many doctors trying to negotiate my care, they write up a lot of reports. I have reports from physical therapy telling me that I had plateaued, occupation therapy telling me that I have plateaued -- which is code for "they no longer can do anything more for me."  Speech therapy can't help access language any faster. I read voraciously, mostly about brain injuries and healing.  I'm trying to make a web site, I have a Facebook presence, I use Twitter, I use Skype to talk to my friends... I am beginning to feel like a geek again. I still get tired a lot. But, I am largely happy.  

So, I had a meeting with Dr. Halter who works with physical medicine and rehab. She coordinates all things connected with my brain and what I can do to optimize my life. Within the last few weeks I got various test from Dr. Dunaway, a neuropsychologist.  They tested the usual stuff - vocalulary, word finding, counting backwards from 100, puzzles of various kinds, etc. They tested memory - both long and short-term and attention span. My acuity at visual problem solving.

The good is I am doing well. The bad news is I have just about average "executive functioning skills." Meaning, in my case, I will never be a professor again. I knew that. So, that's not a shock. The only thing that bugs me is being called "average." I am not used to that - that is ego talking! And, I am sad because I would like to think that I am more evolved than that. 


  1. Ahhh, you may never be a teacher again in the traditional sense, but then God is using you even now to teach many as you share your experience, struggles, strengths and victories. Thought we've never met Jean, you have been a part of my family for over a year now. We pray for you daily and we are amazed at how far you have come. Don't ever give up. You are a teacher.

  2. Ugh! I wrote this once already but it didn't post properly...

    Though we've never met, you have been a part of my family for over a year now. My wife and I have prayed for you daily and we think about you all the time. We are so glad that you have come so far since your stroke. Morgan didn't seem to have much hope at first, but look how far you have come.

    Don't shortchange yourself Jean. You may not be a teacher in the traditional sense any longer, but you are still teaching. You are teaching us here by sharing your experiences, failures and triumphs. I appreciate all that you write here.

  3. Jean, I have just discovered this blog thanks to a friend who linked to it on Facebook. I am really enjoying reading about your journey. Thanks for writing so honestly and engagingly about all of your travails.

  4. Jean -- Just dropped by from a Twitter link --

    Have you heard about neurofeedback, specifically hemoencephalography (HEG)?

    This is a technique that can strengthen less-than-optimally-performing brain areas. One variety called pirHEG focuses specifically on the frontal lobes.

    Thanks so much for your blog -- sharing your experiences and frustrations and learning s such a gift for all of us to learn from!