Thursday, April 9, 2009

in the meantime

I didn't mean to wait this long before updating my blog. Really. I'm delighted that I have readers that keep me on my feet. There's no excuse, really. I just did think. There seems to be a lot of that going around these days. What has happened since I last wrote? 

Natasha Richardson died from a freak brain injury. A friend was diagnosed with brain cancer. My friend Kay's boyfriend has something called "chronic ideopathic neuropathy" which is sapping his strength and he can barely walk. I am reminded once again how fragile this life really is. 


  1. Fragile yet amazingly strong--interesting paradox, eh? So thankful for your strength, Jean.

  2. My godfather suffered an anruisum the night his first saughter was born. He was very much a right brained person to begin with. He had fanomila art skills or so i am told and he was the only one in the family to use his left hand. Since he is no long able to use the left side of his body i am assuming it was his right part of his brain that got "attacted" sort of speak. But while reading I am noticing what it is like for some one like you an origanly left brained thinker to come over to the right brain world. I have been Diegnoced with Dyslexia and ADD. I don't know much about it to be honest but i do know it takes me a long time to learn the basics. I was told once that there was a clinic in Milwakee that could cure dislexia but the truth is that is a chemical reaction to the way the brain was formed that is something that can not be cured. I graduated college last year and only after graduation did was i finaly able to comprehend what i was reading. I am a vistual learner and so I am a Graphic Designer. Reading spelling and rembering which is right and which is left are very hard for me expesholy when i am tired. I am wondering if these tasks are hard for you now? I wonder if you think they way a dyslexic does. If that is the case there are books our there like "the gift of dyslexia" that might help. It focuses on right brain learners. I know it wont help with getting the use of your arm back but you may find a way to think better or find ways around it. I am alway having to compensate or get the same answer told to me in 3 or 4 diffrent verstions.

    My name is jamie and i think what you are doing here is fantastic. Keep up the good work you will find things to be proud of and when you do don't let them go.