Wednesday, February 18, 2009

health care; a scary story

By all accounts, I had extremely good health insurance through my work at the University of Nevada. But even good coverage wasn't good enough to spare me from the horrific expense of having had a stroke.  I am forever reminded of what an "expense" I am every time I hear from a hospital, rehabilitation center, doctor, or dentist.  In spite of having very good health insurance I'm an "expense" that needs to be "managed." Much of that management has fallen on my brothers during the past year.  Michael and Morgan proved to a be an able tag-team of advocates involved in sorting out my life. Nonetheless, had known that I was going to be disabled I would have a better job of preparing.

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  1. I find blogs about strokes extraordinarily interesting. I'm curious. What would you have done to prepare for such an unforeseeable event? People who think of everything usually aren't optimists and I can't think of a bigger gift in your fight towards recovery than the extraordinarily interesting life that is yours.