Monday, February 23, 2009

as good as it gets

Nothing is the same as it was before my brain exploded. Many times I just feel lucky to be alive. But, whenever I am feeling down or frustrated I admit to worrying if this as good as it gets. I can't afford emotionally give up or give in to disability but sometimes it is a daunting task.  In a year's time I have had to re-learn how to talk, how to walk, and move my paralyzed right arm.  I've had endless amounts of rehab (most of it excellent) but having been told there was nothing more that physical therapy could (would) do for me, I'm feeling overwhelmed. I need to exercise. And do all the exercises that I can by myself. Waiting to get in to the University rehab program is a goal, but it's currently full.  Next summer, maybe. In the meantime, I wait. And try not to be frustrated.

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